LLTT C03 Top 16

The Cast of season 3

Sims 3 Next Top Model Cycle 3.

This is the third cycle of LutjuLuTeTe. With now 16 contestants. New faces, new drama and a new show. The prices for the winner are.... A contract with Vogue Agency! So far the leading sims 3 agency. A $200,000 contract with CoverModel, and a cover of Vogue!




Call-Out Order

# Casting EP1 EP2 EP3 EP4 EP5 EP6
1 Fedric Vanessa Aaron Logan Aaron Bailey Christian
2 Aaron Alyssa Tauryn Tauryn Tauryn China Logan
3 Logan Aaron Logan Atalya Logan Alyssa Kevin
4 Davin Christian Christian Aaron Fedric Christian Bailey
5 Kevin Tauryn Alyssa Fedric Atalya Atalya China
6 China Veronica Veronica Vanessa Vanessa Kevin Alyssa
7 Zeéni  Kevin Zeéni  Paul China Aaron Tauryn
8 Alyssa Davin China Zeéni  Alyssa Logan Aaron
9 Bailey Paul Fedric China Paul Fedric Vanessa
10 Paul China Atalya Bailey Bailey Tauryn Atalya
11 Veronica Logan Paul Alyssa Kevin Vanessa Fedric
12 Vanessa Atalya Davin Kevin Christian Paul
13 Ginger Ginger Bailey Veronica Veronica
14 Christian Zeéni  Kevin Christian Zeéni 
15 Tauryn Bailey Vanessa Davin
16 Atalya Fedric Ginger
  • In episode 2, Bailey & Fedric cameback into the show to compete
  • In episode 11, one eliminated contestant is coming back to compete